segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008


I had not courage,
just emotional legitimacy.
Sometimes I have no words
to express what I’m feeling about you,
and I just think and breathe
remembering your smile
and your bright eyes.
When I close my eyes
is impossible not to see
you in front me
because you’re present
in my heart and head
since I wake up
until I fall asleep.
Even if we’re not together
being lovers,
I will love you forever
You made me see
the other side of me,
diving in my soul
and really found who I am.
Only you can make me smile
and show me the way to be
better than before knew you.
I just want to see you happy, ever.
I just want to be close to you.
I just want to love you
with no judgment.
I don’t want to think
if it causes me some pain,
because the happiness that I feel
is more than this.
Man, I love you ever
and ever and ever
until the end of time
so, now I just surrender.